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How to Tell If Your Car Has Gone Too Long without an Oil Change

You've probably been told that you need to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. But what if you go a little bit longer than that? Is it still necessary to get an oil change then? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more. We'll talk about the difference between synthetic and conventional oil, and how often you should be getting your car serviced. What Happens When You Neglect an Oil [...]

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Gasoline Octane Levels and What They Mean

If you’ve ever been tempted to put the cheapest gasoline in your vehicle, here’s why the West Valley car repair team at Master Muffler recommends you think twice next time you’re at the pump. Have you ever wondered what those numbers mean at the gas station? Ranging from 87 to 94, they all have different price tags and different octane. Learn all about octane levels from the Master Muffler experts. What is Octane? Octane [...]

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Buying a Car in Utah Today

Buying a new car is always exciting, especially with today’s variety where the luxury features of the past are finding their way into conventional vehicles of today. In Utah, the car buying market is going strong but saw predictably lower numbers in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Utah Tax Commission, new car sales have steadily decreased over the past 3 years:  134,021 new cars sold in 2018  132,092 [...]

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Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Important Warning Signs?

At Master Muffler, we understand that the times we live in can be tricky financially. Sometimes our scheduled plans like car maintenance are put on the backburner when funds are tight and every penny saved is important. We get it! But we also realize the important role your vehicle plays in your daily life. Whether it’s driving the kids to a place where they can get out while safely socially distancing, or taking a [...]

Still Haven’t Tuned Up Your Car? Now’s the Time!

We’ve all been there. One day our car is running smoothly and efficiently, somewhere down the line the vehicle starts running with a bit of trouble, but nothing you feel too alarmed about. Then, “out of nowhere” our vehicle has some major issues that cause it to run rough or not at all. With other stresses feeling up our lives, sometimes it’s our trusty transport that ends up not getting the regular attention it [...]

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How to Recognize if Your Tires Are Misaligned

Tire alignment is one of those little maintenance tasks that you probably don’t think about, but are important for the long-term health of your vehicle and tires. The good news is, even if you aren’t thinking about it, your car’s tires are probably getting routinely aligned, even if you don’t realize it. This is because most reputable auto shops will throw in a free tire alignment when you bring your car in for other [...]

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How to Get Ready for a Test Drive

Shopping for a new car soon and want to get behind the wheel of the cars you’re considering in order to help make your final decision? Here are some things you’ll want to do before the test drive so that you’ll make the best choice in the car you invest in. Know the Car You Want Rather than approaching the dealership without a mind for which particular car you’ll be looking at, it’s best [...]

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Salt Lake City Has Worst Air Quality in Nation

This past month, Salt Lake City officially won the top spot on the heavily competitive list for worst air quality in the United States. Admittedly, this honor is more of a concession than a victory lap. All around, most of Utah’s population centers have horrific air quality, which seems to reach critically dangerous levels, every single year. […]

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Best Car Shows in Utah

In our humble opinion, there is nothing more inherently American than the freedom to go wherever you want. This is the freedom that is allotted to us by the open road and a good car, which is always at the heart of American mythology. Today, one of the ways that our communities celebrate this perennial ideal is through the traditional pastime of car shows. The people of Utah, in particular, have a prolific amount [...]

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The Best Cars for Families in 2016

When your family hits the road in 2016, you want to make sure that you supply yourself and them with the best car that was designed for safety, comfort, performance, and a great price. 2016 has already seen a great selection of cars that are pushing forward the way we think of driving and automotive technology, but there are some selections that stand, for families, head and shoulders above the competition. Buckle your seatbelts! [...]

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