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The Dangers of Brake Dust

Have you ever heard of brake dust? It could be affecting your health right now… We all know about exhaust emissions— Harmful gases that escape into the atmosphere through our tailpipes. While catalytic converters and electric vehicles tackle much of this problem, protecting both our lungs and our planet, there is another form of vehicle pollution that often goes unacknowledged. How is it Produced? Whether you drive an electric or gas-powered vehicle, you are [...]

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Why Your Car Needs an Alignment

Optimal driving is made possible by a tire alignment. Regular wheel alignments offer numerous fantastic advantages, like extending the life of your tires, maintaining a smoother ride, and ensuring that your wheels are oriented in the appropriate direction. An alignment may also result in a more fuel-efficient ride because alignment problems might make your automobile consume petrol more quickly. Poor alignment can significantly reduce the lifespan of your tires by thousands of miles and [...]

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The Most Common Car Repairs in Utah

Car trouble is not fun, but at some point or another, we’ve all experienced it. Here is a quick list of the most common car repairs we see in West Jordan. You’ve probably gone through many of these, but with a little bit of routine maintenance, almost all of these are avoidable or possible to stretch. Oil Change Cars have to get their oil changed 3-4 times a year, depending on how many miles [...]

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Most Common Reasons To See Your Check Engine Light

We've all had that sinking feeling when your vehicle's check engine light suddenly illuminates without warning. When this occurs, it is sometimes obvious from the vehicle's performance that something is wrong. Other times, the check engine light will illuminate even when everything appears to be in working order. So, how do you figure out why the check engine light is on? We are going to identify some of the most common reasons your check [...]

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Vehicle Hacks That Save You Money At The Gas Pump

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s fuel economy, these hacks could help shift your vehicle into its optimal gear: Mind Your Maintenance If you expect your car to treat you well, then make sure you’re taking proper care of it by getting it serviced regularly! When your vehicle is well overdue for a tune-up, the extra stress that your engine goes through to perform its job will waste your hard-earned fuel.  Check [...]

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What Does The Camshaft Sensor In Your Vehicle Do

A camshaft sensor refers to a 3-wire hall effect switch usually placed at the front of the camshaft in the timing cover. Though not all cars have their camshaft located in the front, some might have theirs somewhere along the camshaft axis. What Is A Camshaft Sensor? In recent internal combustion engines, the ECU (electronic control unit) controls the opening of the injectors, the timing phases (in variable-timing engines), and the spark production, depending [...]

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Surviving the Nightmare: What to Do During a Blowout

More Than an Inconvenience For many, a flat tire is just a simple annoyance; you come back to your vehicle in the morning and find that the cold has made the rubber shrink and the air has escaped, or someone vandalized your tires while you were away and they’re unusable. These things are annoying, unfair, rage-inducing, but no more than that.  A blowout, on the other hand, can be life-threatening. You might be cruising [...]

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The Journey of Your Exhaust: A Story of Change

The Laws of Life Cars are incredible inventions because they operate according to the laws of nature, although we might not realize it. For instance, all three of Newton’s laws of motion present in the way the car moves (or doesn’t move): The car will stay motionless, in park, unless it is turned on and operated by the driver. The car’s acceleration is a function of its mass being acted on by the force [...]

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Gasoline Octane Levels and What They Mean

If you’ve ever been tempted to put the cheapest gasoline in your vehicle, here’s why the West Valley car repair team at Master Muffler recommends you think twice next time you’re at the pump. Have you ever wondered what those numbers mean at the gas station? Ranging from 87 to 94, they all have different price tags and different octane. Learn all about octane levels from the Master Muffler experts. What is Octane? Octane [...]

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Common Car Myths Debunked

The old tale about powering your vehicle with the ethanol from a bottle of liquor is generally known as a myth. Surely, there are other commonly known myths that get passed around without any real vetting. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Premium Fuel is Always Better What does a BMW X7, a Lexus LS, and a Bugatti Chiron all have in common? They need premium fuel to run. These are [...]

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