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Vehicle Hacks That Save You Money At The Gas Pump

If you are looking to upgrade your car’s fuel economy, these hacks could help shift your vehicle into its optimal gear: Mind Your Maintenance If you expect your car to treat you well, then make sure you’re taking proper care of it by getting it serviced regularly! When your vehicle is well overdue for a tune-up, the extra stress that your engine goes through to perform its job will waste your hard-earned fuel.  Check [...]

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What Does The Camshaft Sensor In Your Vehicle Do

A camshaft sensor refers to a 3-wire hall effect switch usually placed at the front of the camshaft in the timing cover. Though not all cars have their camshaft located in the front, some might have theirs somewhere along the camshaft axis. What Is A Camshaft Sensor? In recent internal combustion engines, the ECU (electronic control unit) controls the opening of the injectors, the timing phases (in variable-timing engines), and the spark production, depending [...]

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Surviving the Nightmare: What to Do During a Blowout

More Than an Inconvenience For many, a flat tire is just a simple annoyance; you come back to your vehicle in the morning and find that the cold has made the rubber shrink and the air has escaped, or someone vandalized your tires while you were away and they’re unusable. These things are annoying, unfair, rage-inducing, but no more than that.  A blowout, on the other hand, can be life-threatening. You might be cruising [...]

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The Journey of Your Exhaust: A Story of Change

The Laws of Life Cars are incredible inventions because they operate according to the laws of nature, although we might not realize it. For instance, all three of Newton’s laws of motion present in the way the car moves (or doesn’t move): The car will stay motionless, in park, unless it is turned on and operated by the driver. The car’s acceleration is a function of its mass being acted on by the force [...]

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Gasoline Octane Levels and What They Mean

If you’ve ever been tempted to put the cheapest gasoline in your vehicle, here’s why the West Valley car repair team at Master Muffler recommends you think twice next time you’re at the pump. Have you ever wondered what those numbers mean at the gas station? Ranging from 87 to 94, they all have different price tags and different octane. Learn all about octane levels from the Master Muffler experts. What is Octane? Octane [...]

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Common Car Myths Debunked

The old tale about powering your vehicle with the ethanol from a bottle of liquor is generally known as a myth. Surely, there are other commonly known myths that get passed around without any real vetting. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Premium Fuel is Always Better What does a BMW X7, a Lexus LS, and a Bugatti Chiron all have in common? They need premium fuel to run. These are [...]

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Vehicle Depreciation: What to Know

There’s an old adage that technology becomes obsolete the moment you open up the box. While this sentiment is a bit hyperbolic, the lesson is still a relevant one: any product of technology makes what came before it outdated, even as it is eclipsed by the next big thing. This isn’t solely unique to personal electronics but considering how quickly innovation occurs in today’s world, feeling like something is outdated the moment you open [...]

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Back to Basics: The Emissions System

A car is an incredible machine, a little mobile factory of pistons, belts, smoke, and heat, all working to create one of mankind’s most essential products: propulsion. The famed Mexican painter, Diego Rivera, had this to say about how the majesty of the automobile in his autobiography: “As I rode back to Detroit, a vision of Henry Ford’s industrial empire kept passing before my eyes...I thought of the millions of different men by whose [...]

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Maintaining Your Transmission

Thanks to the intricate symbiotic nature of a car’s main components, where no system acts wholly on its own without one or more parts influencing it and other parts being influenced by it, it is difficult to specify which system is the most important in achieving the ultimate goal of the vehicle: to take its passengers from Point A to Point B. Certainly, one could argue that the fuel system is the most important [...]

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Five Essential Habits of Good Drivers

There are plenty of bad habits that we see each year on the road; driving too aggressively, treating traffic signs as suggestions, neglecting to secure towing loads all play a part in sending people unexpectedly to the auto repair shop (to say nothing of the hospital). But not every driver is a bad one, and that goes for driving habits as well. In fact, there are many extremely thoughtful and safe drivers whose good [...]

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